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What makes Wang Kai, Jin Dong and Liu Tao contract for the midday sunshine?

he Miss Money above to enjoy reading every day! In the domestic drama last year,
  the pretender ,
Nirvana in Fire heat hasn't faded,
this year's Ode to joy to the screen,
Nirvana in Fire starring the three collective through to the modern,
or the original recipe,
or the original taste,
the audience once again opened a lick the screen mode.
Attentive viewers may have observed how Wang Kai,
Jin Dong,
and Liu Tao appear in these popular plays To understand this,
or the first to look at the sun at noon on what position.
The registration screen noonday sun what the midday sun Television Co.
was established in August 2011,
the original shareholders are Li Xue,
Kong Sheng and Sun Molong,
the main business for the film and television production and distribution planning,