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The 92 year old grandmother, who spent 30 years in exile and made the most beautiful glass, became one of the world's 100 prominent women reported by the BBC

extraordinary ID:efifan her two times in exile,
30 years of twists and turns suffering cannot bury her astonishing talent.
The most beautiful glass The most beautiful glass Monir,
1924 - one of Iran's best artists,
known around the world,
she is reported by BBC,
one of the world's 100 outstanding women.
Monir's glass painting,
made Monir famous,
not the experience of her rough life,
but a pile of broken glass! Monir's glass painting,
was born in religious town of Northwest Iran.
He studied art skills from childhood and went to Tehran university to study art.
Because of the outbreak of World War II,
Monir was forced to exile in New York,
the United states.
And went to the Parson School of design to learn illustrations,
becoming the first students to study in the United