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In fact, he was really the first one Datang Reggie out unexpectedly three

network datangshengshi,
star clouds,
we selected the first soldier,
many people have different choices,
such as Qin Shubao,
Xue Rengui and Yuchi.
But I want to say today is another person,
that the Soviet Union will.
Familiar with the Sui Tang people to the Soviet Union will have the name certainly not unfamiliar,
but unfortunately,
the Reggie was portrayed as a villain in the past,
especially killed the popular idol Luo,
more people hate teeth.
In fact,
this is a very typical unjust case history.
The history of Su Dingfang,
but worthy of the name name,
life campaign miles,
east to North Korea,
West to Uzbekistan,
north to the Mongolia prairie,
South to the Tibetan Plateau,
it is all over the whole China.
What's more,
the Soviet Union will have had out of three countries.