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Grass, roses, you are so beautiful, how to eat all right

when the monkey did not like roses,
occasionally think,
there are hundreds of flowers,
what on behalf of love is the rose? Later,
I finally found the answer: it's really,
too beautiful (NICE) Li (eating)! You get this box of mouthwatering fresh edible roses,
I couldn't live downstairs apart.
The first impression is drifting out of the box full of roses,
flowers are still wet soft,
ice bag + foam box to ensure that the petals in transport nor too much water.
South East Yunnan | method of eating fresh edible ink red rose Duomo red edible rose is the most simple direct hot water bubble open petals color from dark red to light,
water will slowly showing yellow,
drink when the mouth is full of rose fragrance into the throat is sweet and lasting belongs to natural plant the.
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