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46 year old Faye Yu is a girl with terminal cancer, but that's the ideal condition for older single women

rst visual magazine,
the most popular picture number,
hits the title below the blue word,
pays attention to the vision,
the time is really good to Faye Yu.
A metaphor is in place: Youth masked a lot of problems: poor,
no problem,
when young poor righteous; lack of maintenance,
but also OK,
a poor line; too lazy to exercise,
The new supersedes the old.
high ah,
not easy fat; bad temper,
tongue is very lovely.
Such as youth cloth off,
they conceal the ugly lazy poor.
Youth is a pool of tide,
before we know who is swimming naked.
Naked people would think that this tide is so important.
When 46 year old Faye Yu,
youth receded,
we found.
Why is she so beautiful?! The most extravagant is the little husband after the broadcast,
her costume was found by netizens,
actually it was ten y