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There are no ants in the ant pile, but there is a ladybug

he ant the movie already released but the end ant ant man and ant fragment exchanges cute but people don't slobber (the feeling is what ghost ant Q bomb coca.
) In the movie the ant finally did not speak it is no wonder that people have been very industrious ant which has the smaller man ignores Kung Fu (playfully face) ~ ~ see the insect industrious black ant,
a red ladybug,
enthusiastic black spider bug world is still very love ~ ~ now want to become ant is not possible,
but let the ants become larger,
still can oh! Every drop of dew,
every blade of grass,
a full of vigour,
bustling world of insects in human sight,
all the insects in law of the jungle,
the natural law of survival of the fittest,
each operation of their own lives.
It's a children's play that's worth everything b