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State Grid rumor did not shut down Alipay WeChat and other three party payment channels

ws reporter Yang Yang (hereinafter referred to as the China National Grid Network) in order to promote its own payment platform e treasure,
intends to gradually shut down Alipay,
WeChat and three party payment interface? The news recently came not be raised against the majority,
a month to pay a bill also specially download app? According to this rhythm,
in the future there will be an endless stream of gas,
e treasure,
e treasure,
e treasure? Although the national network 4 evening by the SASAC News Center official micro-blog @ state owned small new sound,
said e treasure is a new customer to pay electricity customers through social channels,
the third party payment payment channels can still choose the original pattern unchanged.
But by means of electric e treasure,
it ca

There are no ants in the ant pile, but there is a ladybug

he ant the movie already released but the end ant ant man and ant fragment exchanges cute but people don't slobber (the feeling is what ghost ant Q bomb coca.
) In the movie the ant finally did not speak it is no wonder that people have been very industrious ant which has the smaller man ignores Kung Fu (playfully face) ~ ~ see the insect industrious black ant,
a red ladybug,
enthusiastic black spider bug world is still very love ~ ~ now want to become ant is not possible,
but let the ants become larger,
still can oh! Every drop of dew,
every blade of grass,
a full of vigour,
bustling world of insects in human sight,
all the insects in law of the jungle,
the natural law of survival of the fittest,
each operation of their own lives.
It's a children's play that's worth everything b

What's your temper? What's your life?

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As long as a man is good-natured,
everything will be all right.
A lot of people came here to ask me: my career is good,
family is good,
good children? Marriage is good? I just answer a sentence: your temper is good? 1,
learning to admit mistakes.
People often refuse to admit mistakes,
everything is said to be someone else's fault,
that they are right,
in fact,
do not admit mistakes is a mistake.
The object of the mistake may be parents,
even to the children o