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A private gathering between JJ Lin and the big coffee ladies

Dre (Beats) held a Sound Symposium Music Forum in the back Mountain Art Space in Beijing,
which was opened only to the invited guests.
Beats President Luke Wood,
star guest JJ Lin,
and other industry guests along with sound quality to convey the importance of music emotion as the theme,
launched a live discussion.
Everyone who did not go to the scene! No,
it's a shame! Let's follow the music of Beats and see the music clash between the big coffee bars again! Beats Sound Symposium Beats invited 100 guests from the music,
media and fashion circles to attend the wonderful dialogue between the 4 guests at the scene.
The music forum with Luke and JJ Lin to participate in on-site discussions with the industry guests include: China Global Music producer Mr.
Ou Dingyu (Michael Au),
great musi