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Adults, the world's IQ, people at one level can play together

e cat personal independence of conduct authorized to release,
reproduced please contact the WeChat public number has the cat personal independence of conduct (niubicat) people view on career case Marketing - pin talk with high IQ people,
I still feel inferior.
But this inferiority makes me infatuated.
It makes me admire the high level of competition brought by the high iq.
IQ is the most important factor in adult division of various grades and ranks in the world.
I am not unkind,
I have been deeply aware of the experience of being dumped by others and not playing with me.
I am in grade three or four in Beijing University as an exchange student,
as a student of two,
even if I say 100 times,
college entrance examination play out of play,
also useless.
How many points is what level,

ion of an enterprise depends not on enthusiasm and position,
but on rules.
When a new job goes to work,
the first thing to think about is not how should I change the world,
but how do I know the world first?.
Tell me a story of my own experience.
I've brought two interns with me.
At the same time into the company,
a prestigious graduate,
excellent results,
once served as vice president of the student union,
called Xiao Yang; another ordinary undergraduate graduation,
work carefully and steadily,
called kobayashi.
Yang head clever,
love the limelight rash and too much in haste.
Once a project,
I let the team members work together to deal with,
she jumped out of their own,
a person can handle,
let everyone cooperate with her.
She spoke so directly at the meeting that I was a little emba

Attention, Chinese the 500 richest people released over 90% by the listed company gold (list)

group of people in their wealth steep growth curve behind is overvalued,
sense of smell,
with the advantages of resource through accurate grasp of monetary easing under the asset shortage and A shares,
constantly harvest emerging industries and create many of the myth of wealth.
Some people through high cut harvest leek,
the completion of the wealth of cash.
Who are they? Do you understand these dazzling financial techniques? In 2016,
new wealth 500 rich list fresh baked! Data show that the richest man once again rotation,
Wang Jianlin third degrees summit.
Alibaba's Jack Ma and Tencent's Ma Huateng were two or three.
The concern is that in the past year,
Chinese's 500 richest people list threshold from the previous 4 billion Yuan Yuesheng to 6 billion 500 million yuan; the total wealt

Mother's law is a worldwide problem

always flaunt their importance to family relationship.
But unspoken lines are often,
parents and brothers and sisters are the most important relatives,
more important than their wife,
relatives are family,
wife is an outsider; their own good relatives,
do not fucking nonsense.
You know,
the core of any family is the relationship between husband and wife.
Relationship between husband and wife is higher than parent-child relationship.
Author: microphone Mongolia source: microphone Mongolia (mimeng7) http://url.
cn/26ztRoe please contact the author authorized publishing editor: Mizuki Ayatsumi (mweishijie) the couple is the most important emotional community and the interests of the community.
Your mom and your wife fell into the water at the same time.
Which brand of shampoo would you

After reading these 9 pictures, I feel that life in Australia really takes courage

e prince of laughter.
First ask,
how many people live or travel in Australia? If so,
I'll worship you first.
Today with 9 GIF,
to show you the unique Australian daily,
first said everyone knows,
kangaroo in its own country,
its emergence is more random.
At the airport store,
for example.
Kicking the glass outside the house.
What the hell is this?! It's blocking my way! At the boxing ring.
There are some strange streetscape.
There are only Australian chases: kangaroos jump in the front,
police cars chase behind.
In addition to the Australian kangaroo,
the weather is pretty wonderful change,
on the second day,
the next second there is a bolt from the blue next door neighbor this morning run domineering pets are full of wind.
Of course,
there are some special products,
such as

A private gathering between JJ Lin and the big coffee ladies

Dre (Beats) held a Sound Symposium Music Forum in the back Mountain Art Space in Beijing,
which was opened only to the invited guests.
Beats President Luke Wood,
star guest JJ Lin,
and other industry guests along with sound quality to convey the importance of music emotion as the theme,
launched a live discussion.
Everyone who did not go to the scene! No,
it's a shame! Let's follow the music of Beats and see the music clash between the big coffee bars again! Beats Sound Symposium Beats invited 100 guests from the music,
media and fashion circles to attend the wonderful dialogue between the 4 guests at the scene.
The music forum with Luke and JJ Lin to participate in on-site discussions with the industry guests include: China Global Music producer Mr.
Ou Dingyu (Michael Au),
great musi

Spring up make a fresh and elegant girls of summer

ing and wind,
ten miles,
the summer heat can not help but feel sleepy.
But a colourful dress may sweep away the heat of the summer.
Just imagine how comfortable it would be to wear a dress and a wide straw hat and walk along the beach.
Collar dress,
a dark blue on a small,
exposed the attractive small shoulders,
sexy and obvious skin white.
Suspender dress with metal belt,
national style and fashion.
Everyone has a little black dress,
you must have.
The simplest dress is probably the most generous fashion.
In the evening,
the sea breeze is cool,
just take a little cowboy coat,
still easily according to the type of concave.
Floral dress,
the art of your dreams,
let it come true in this summer! Lined dress pool party can take light when the wind blows the dress,
really good? In additi

No matter what is popular this year, the three colors must be correct

how popular colors change in the four seasons,
in fact,
in our hearts,
the white skin is a serious matter.
Last year the popular color 16 years of publication,
and the quiet blue powder instantly captured many hearts.
That this spring and summer what color are several significantly white skin? (see the line directly down.
) blue blue since the quiet blue line with blue fire became popular,
blue has given people the feeling is noble and rational collocation,
summer more comfortable,
the key is all-match blue,
with a lot of single product together with the more relaxed collocation.
white white black and white is the most easy collocation and not outdated colors,
but the hot spring and summer will allow more people to choose fresh and clean white,
it naturally became the first choic